Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra hands-on: The best just got better - SamMobile
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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
ProsCamera zoom
Samsung pen support
long battery life of 11 hours
Best Camera currently out there
ConsOnly 128 GB storage
No micro SD card slot
No extra content in the box
Price1114 GBP or 1545 USD
ExtraTotal of 5 Cameras
5G support

Worth it?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra brings a lot to the table in the world of smart phones including the most noticeable difference being the camera! The S21 Ultra doesn’t try to hide it, the amount of different lenses and cameras mainly on the back is a big part of the phone. getting its own quarter of the back shell! Samsung really wanted to show it off to the customer with the latest generation of Samsung phones.

New Stuff and why you should upgrade!

This phone comes with the standards of a new phone with better design, faster performance, will be supported by Samsung for years to come, Google support etc. Obviously the addition of the rear cameras give photographer or even people who want to invest in a phone with a good camera, lets you take the best photos out of any phone on the market right now! 5G support comes as a priority! higher res display and a glass back is implemented along side the general smoothness of a Samsung.

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The S21 Ultra comes with 128 GB of storage at base level. Can run videos at 8K which is incredible! 16 GB of RAM is more than enough for a phone these days. note however the lack of a microSD card slot for expandable storage . Great 6.8-inch display and 120Hz refresh rate. a whole 11 hours of battery life! Screen resolution of 1,440 x 3,200 and screen size of 16.51 x 7.56 x 0.89 CM.

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amazon-£1,099.00 £719


The S21 Ultra has a 10x and 3x optical zoom level that is great for photos nearly every time! Photos look sharp, dynamic range is impressive and Samsung’s ‘tripod lock’ software feature steadies to prevent the viewfinder image from jumping around. A 40MP selfie camera offers strong performance on the front side of the phone for some great selfies! With a total of 5 cameras the S21 Ultra brings such a diverse choice for the customer. including-

(Ultra wide-angle: 13mm equivalent, 1/420sec at f/2.2, ISO 50.

Main camera :24mm equivalent, 1/220sec at f/1.8, ISO 50. (108 MP),

Telephoto camera : 72mm equivalent, f/2.4, 10MP sensor (4.3 x 3.3mm),

OIS10x telephoto camera: 240mm equivalent, f/4.9, 10MP sensor (4.3 x 3.3mm), OIS.)

Extra stuff with the package

With such an expensive bit of tech, you would think the S21 Ultra would come with a lot of extra stuff. however this is not the case…

The phone comes with an insert with a cable for charging, the phone itself, a manual and that’s it. It does not come with the expected plug to charge the phone, headphones to test audio or even a phone case.

this is the most disappointing part about the S21 Ultra as they have tried to cut down on excess to increase profits just like how apple did.

These are just some things to note before purchasing the phone as this might be what you are looking for as well as the phone.

Does it compare to its competitors?

The latest iPhone as of may 2021 is the iPhone 20 MAX which is an alternative to the S21. other contenders are:

Google Pixel 5

Huawei mate 40 Pro

and even the Samsung S21 +

So which one suits you?

The S21 Ultra thanks to its large sensor, has the best camera out of them! showing good detail across almost the entire frame. The wide-angle camera isn’t as good as some of the others, with a more processed look to its images and some colour fringing at the corners. The telephotos, with their small sensors and lenses, deliver little in the way of really fine detail, but are still fine for Instagram or Facebook. The 10x camera gives much better results than the S20 Ultra and S21 +. Although your personal preference of phone is up to you! Lots of people simply enjoy the UI of the iPhone lineup and just cant stray way from it which is fine!

Final Verdict.

The S21 is an incredible phone which can capture nearly every situation with its array of cameras! Though as with every phone it has its flaws mainly being the lack of MicroSD card slot for storage and even the lack of extra stuff you would get if you got another phone. A phone like the S21 Ultra will last for the next 5 years at least! So don’t worry if you think that it will become obsolete.

amazon-£1,099.00 £719

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