GoPro Hero 8 Review.

GOPRO or NO GO. Well we’ve got the ANSWER!

The GoPro Hero 8 black is a great camera for that mid range price. Yet it comes with a great deal of stuff packed into such a tiny camera! Also the accessory kit that comes as a bonus to the Her 8 for a much better experience all in 1 blog!

GoPro Hero8 Black - Review 2019 - PCMag UK


the Hero 8Extras kit
Pros--good price for what you get.
-4k/60 FPS.
-light weight.
-front microphone improvement
-comes with 23 attachments.
-comes as a deal through amazon.
see link to deal under image of Hero 8
cons--only ok in low light setting.
-2 hour battery life
-3 hour charge time
-hard to fit it all in the case given
price-£250-£300 £20-£25
Photo by Sadeep Sasanka Photography on


  • The Hero 8 comes with great performance in any situation. comes with a 12MP sensor, 4k/60FPS and 1080/240p video for a great recordings and picture. Able to mount onto multiple different stands and devices, fully waterproof and up to 100 Mb/Ps bit rate. Hyper Smooth 2.0 video stabilization and LED lights. Able to connect to your phone and has WIFI and Bluetooth. Improved HDR and better at processing low light images than the last! Includes a battery life of 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours.

what’s new with the Hero 8?

As we said the Hero 8 is much better in low light levels than its predecessors and the image stabilization feature is much better when on the move. Great front facing microphone for vlogging and talking! The BEST camera for your money as of 2021 and has multiple new features such as a Live Burst mode that captures a series of images in 1.5 seconds with 90 frames to get the best image of any situation!

Photo by Alex Koch on

Extra stuff with the package!

The Hero 8 has a charge time of around 3 hours and weighs in at 10g which is nothing! Having a volume of 66.3 x 48.6 x 28.4mm. The Hero 8 is very good at videos on the move where objects typically would be harder to make out. or even videos of moving objects when the camera is stationary. either way the Hero 8 is fit for any situation, even underwater where it can go as deep as 10m!

Photo by Francesco Paggiaro on


Here is a list of everything in the accessory kit package which is an addition to the Hero 8.

-Carrying case
-Chest strap
-Head strap
-Wrist strap
-Floating Handle Grip
-Suction cup
-Selfie stick
-Mini Tripod
-Wrist strap for remote
-Bicycle handlebar holder mount
-Adjustable pivot arm (2)
-Screw (2)
-Surface J-hook buckle (2)
-Curved mount (3)
-Helmet strap
-Helmet extension arm
-Flat mount
– Anti-Fog sheets (12)
-Adhesive Pads (3 types)
-strap Buckle (2 types)

Take a look!

Why its such a good deal.

Includes 23 attachments for your new GoPro! all for £28.94. 14 of the 23 are used for practical use such as a helmet extension arm for a higher POV for your camera when on a bike ride. the other items are for quality of life for certain situations such as anti fog sheets ECT. you can see the pictures of them down below. all the stuff is of good quality too so you wont be disappointed. Even comes with an underwater handle which floats to the surface when dropped so you wont lose it.

Photo by Alex Azabache on

Final verdict.

The GoPro Hero 8 is a 9/10 camera and deserves its place as 1 of the best price to performance ratio out there! for only £250 to £300 the Hero 8 is a Bargen! as for the Extra accessory kit it gets a 10/10 nothing major that sticks out to be a hindrance and is easy for the user anywhere you go. Check out some pictures we took down below to see the quality!

GoPro Hero 8amazon
Accessory Kitamazon

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