iPhone 13 Pro max review

The iPhone Pro max is the latest flagship phone from apple, with great new features. Does it stand its own again some of the other top phones? The iPhone 13 Pro Max is available to buy right now, starting at £900 for 128GB of storage. Wanting more base storage will boost the price to £1150 for 256GB, 512GB is a total of £1350. A 1TB storage is also available at a big price of £1,549. If you’re looking for a phone with a great camera and/or a top flagship phone to last you a long time, the 13 Pro max could be that phone.

Is it the best phone of all time?

iPhone 13 Pro Max
Pros-amazing battery life
best camera out of any phone
great performance
Cons-no headphone jack
lightning port (slow charging)
4k 60fps takes up a lot of storage.
price-£1050 (128GB)
£1150 (256GB)
£1350 (512GB)
£1,549 (1TB)
link- amazon(128GB) https://amzn.to/3mHg36k
(256GB) https://amzn.to/3BtY1KJ
(512GB) https://amzn.to/3AtEitm
(1TB) https://amzn.to/3aprb1V

what’s new?

The iPhone 13 pro Max comes with all new super retina XDR display with Pro Motion. Faster chip than any other in the phone industry. An incredible battery of up to 10 hours. 5g experience, higher max brightness than before. splash resistant, A15 bionic chip and 5 core GPU. Improved face id works well with masks on.


  • 120Hz screen
  • 2778 x 1284 resolution
  • 458 pixels per inch
  • gigabit LTE support
  • IOS 15
  • 128GB-1TB storage
  • 6.7 inch diagonal screen
  • OLED display
  • 4 cameras
  • longest battery life of any phone (10 hours)
  • fast performance
  • super retina XDR display


The Pro Max comes in a range of different colours such graphite black, gold, silver and all new Sierra blue. a long awaited change to the notch has happened to all iPhone 13’s making them 20% smaller, in addition moving the front speaker up to the top bezel just like other recent phones like the Xiaomi series. The phone size is the same as the iPhone 12 Pro Max at 6.33 x 3.07 x 0.30.


With new lenses, sensors and glass for all 3 rear cameras, optimized with all new image processing and IOS 15 at launch. The multiple different cameras on the iPhone 13 pro max are great for nearly every situation with improved lens flair, colour contrast, sharpness and detail. The new pro camera system offers even more pro photography capabilities like improved telephoto zoom, macro camera, Photographic Styles and cinematic mode. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 12mp front camera that supports HDR 4. A 12mp ultra wide sensor, 12mp primary sensor. tele 12mp sensor, 4k 60fps video.

extra stuff

Gigabit LTE is supported when 5G isn’t available, to preserve battery life when using 5G, a Smart Data Mode changes to an LTE connection when 5G speeds aren’t needed. Built in GPS, split screening, Ring/silent button, built in microphone, 2 speakers front and bottom.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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