Is the Apple watch Series 6 good?

Is the Series 6 worth the upgrade?

Hello! The Series 6 is the latest Apple watch on the market coming out in September of 2020. Though nearly a year old this smart watch is far from out of date and can last for many more years to come!

Buy Apple Watch Series 6
Prosall round improved health systems
more colours and styles.
improved dimed system.
ConsOnly slight increase of battery life
spO2 is sometimes inconsistent

What’s new?

The Series 6 comes with Blood Oxygen saturation levels (spO2) to monitor the level of Oxygen in your blood. The Series 6 uses similar technology as a pulse oximeter. It shines red and infrared light through your skin on your wrist, reflecting back to the sensor. In addition the Series 6 has in increased battery life and new watch colours to choose from.


The series 6’s display is now 2.5 times brighter than that of the Series 5. In addition it also dims the brightness depending on the watches orientation using a gyroscope, further saving your battery. The dimed mode works surprisingly well when it is bright. With a resolution of 324 x 394 pixels and has a refresh rate of 60hz (1hz when switched off). the Series 6 has 32GB of storage and new dual-core S6 System (SiP). delivers up to 20% faster performance than the S5 chip in the Series 5 and Watch SE.


A great feature on the Series 6 is wearing it to sleep will give you “sleep data“, Gives graph data showing when you were awake and asleep throughout the night. An issue with this is that you will have to change your sleep schedule if you charge things up at night. Also high and low heart rate notifications, The watch’s Move, Exercise, and Stand rings to know how much you have done in comparison to what you should have!

How does it compare?

Should you buy the Series 6 or the SE? Both watches are great with no clear winner. But the Series 6 is better if you want to track progress or use it for health reasons. The SE is better for money coming in at £260-£340 with only a few less features ( no spO2, S6 chip and is slower).

Apple watch SEApple watch Series 6
price- £260-£340 price- £350-£440
link, amazon-, amazon-

Check out our Apple Watch SE review coming soon!


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